Police – records management software for law enforcement


DataDriven works with other software vendors to ensure seamless data transmission between products. Automatic imports and exports occur at regular intervals to guarantee that all data collected from the field is available within minutes of completion/approval in other systems.

Imported items such as local warrants, scoff-law violations, GIS addresses, vehicle registration, and other data provide the police officer with local, state, and federal records for use in their reports.

Customizable features include:

  • Export of photos to department server
  • DMV photo export to RMS master name indexes
  • Report PDF creation for third party exports (ex. CarFax™)

DataDriven currently imports and exports items to/from the following vendors:

  • Tennessee Department of Safety (TITAN)
  • TriTech™ (Records Management software for law enforcement)
  • RedFlex™ (Camera Ticket software)
  • SAS OmniCourt™ (court software)
  • ADSI™ (Records Management software for law enforcement)
  • Pamet™ (Records Management software for law enforcement)
  • Tyler™ (court software)
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